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PFW DAILY: My old money look at the SS24 Arkis show

Sasha Ray - SS24 Arkis show

Hello, beloved!

In the heart of the fashion capital, among the luxury and glamor that radiates from Paris Fashion Week, I chose a very discreet but luxurious outfit. I really like the wonderful old money trend.

As the autumn sun bathed the cobbled streets of Paris in gold, I rushed to the SS24 Arkis fashion show.

Sasha Ray - SS24 Arkis show

Choosing an outfit for such a bright event was not an easy task. I knew I wanted something that not only exuded sophistication, but also paid homage to the brand's rich heritage. After much deliberation, I decided on a black silk blouse, a nod to typical Parisian chic.

Sasha Ray - SS24 Arkis show

To complement the blouse, I chose a librarian-style skirt as the epitome of quiet luxury. The skirt's A-line silhouette, vintage check, and muted earth tones echoed the Parisian streets, seamlessly blending with the city's timeless aesthetic.

As a finishing touch, I wore a long plaid Arkis coat that elevated my outfit to luxury level. Smooth lines, emphasized by a narrow waist, created a romantic and mysterious image.

Sasha Ray - SS24 Arkis show

But the accents! Thanks to the hands of marynaparismakeup I look very French. Luscious plum lips and clean eye makeup. I share the best shots from the lens of


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