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Hello, beloved!

Dreams should come true when you really want them to. It's as delightful as wearing diamonds. Or even more so.

I've been the subject of many photo shoots for glossy magazines, walked the red carpet alongside Timothée Chalamet and Meryl Streep, collaborated with the most influential brands in the world, but the news of being on the cover of the legendary VOGUE sent shivers down my spine.

My photo on the cover of VOGUE Beauty and several simply fantastic shots by Victor Danilov in GUCCI-inspired looks. Grotesque hairstyles, highly expressive smoky eyes, and architectural outfits reminiscent of the mid-century — I absolutely adore it. I love indulging in this glamour to the point of dizziness. Some of the looks reminded me of Lady Gaga's character in the GUCCI film and the style icons of the 60s.

Upon receiving the invitation, I was very excited. I immediately liked the proposed look. With the photographer and the shoot director, we quickly found common ground, as my many years of experience working with brands and magazines as a influencer have made me a professional. I often hear that I am easy to work with, receive compliments for my artistry and gracefulness. I believe that every subject of a shoot should create a pleasant atmosphere for the people they work with. I'm glad this shoot happened.

- - - - -

Photo by Victor Danilov

Makeup: Giuseppe Paladino

Hairstyle:Elizabeth Fogel


Dress by Dolce & Gabbana, gloves by SOLANGEL

Versace dress

Toni Maticevski dress from boutique No7

Toni Maticevski dress, gloves by SOLANGEL

Roberto Cavalli jacket


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