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First Time in Bali

Hello, beloved!

This is one of those moments when the place itself calls you. The island of Bali beckoned me. Of course, I didn't hesitate—quickly packed my bags. With so many stunning photos online, it seems like a cliché tourist postcard destination.

But in reality, Bali is about deep spirituality, magical sunrises and sunsets, an ocean that kisses you... For two weeks, I walked around in my swimsuit, without bothering with makeup or styling. It's a world of connecting with nature and your true self.

I didn't miss the chance for special practices. Manku, a local spiritual healer, performed an energy cleanse for me. Using water in this ancient ritual washes away all negativity and grants blessings. I feel reborn and grateful.

Of course, besides the bounty beaches and meditations with an ocean view, I was lured by the local luxurious resorts. I'm absolutely enchanted, traveling around the island, staying in different places, enjoying the views, food, top-notch service, and the moment itself.

In Ubud, I stayed at the Viceroy hotel. Small, atmospheric bungalows where it's stylish, cozy, and, of course, excellent service. I indulged in fruits and nature views. A very meditative experience.

Then I moved to Jimbaran. The new Raffles hotel gifted me with incredible sunset views. The restaurant menu—abundance of seafood, local vegetables and fruits, tropical cocktails. A splendid blend of European and Indonesian cuisine.

A special place—the Airplane Villa. A beautiful Boeing, retired from its duty, transformed into a boutique hotel. A unique experience that must happen in your life. The beautiful nature, postcard beaches, will forever remain in my heart and on my Instagram.

Moving to the Uluwatu area, famous for its beaches, I stayed in the Bulgari hotel's luxury suite. Incredibly delicious cuisine, stylish interiors, premium-class service, and this unearthly nature outside the window... Isn't it a miracle? I want to come back here again.


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