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Fabulous weekend at a French chateau

Hello beloved!

If you think that a weekend in France is exactly Paris with luxury shopping and champagne with a view of that very tower, then I will surprise you. I really wanted something stereotypically French, like in the movies. What could be more atmospheric than a historic castle in Normandy!... It is over 250 years old. The ancient stone remembers the greatest events of the eras. We are talking about the magnificent Château de Boucéel.

This is a castle hotel with a respectable interior and peaceful views of the park. I sincerely enjoyed the gourmet dinner and the fantastic breakfast. Wine! Comte Régis de Roquefeuil and his wife Erika will offer you the best. There is a warm and welcoming atmosphere here. I like the feeling of being at home and being taken care of by the hosts, not the feeling of staying in a hotel with standard brilliant service. These people surround us with warmth, pleasant communication, they are interested in our desires very individually. It's like visiting good friends.

The castle itself has been beautifully restored. It looks like a living postcard. Everywhere are family paintings, old framed photos, sculptures, tapestries, antique books, exquisite furniture. But you are not in a museum installation. There is warmth, comfort and aristocratic chic here. And, of course, I did not miss the opportunity to dive into a large warm outdoor pool, attend a watercolor lesson and take many inspiring photos.


Chateau de Boucéel

50240 VERGONCEY, Mont Saint Michel

Phone: +33 (0)2 33 48 34 61


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