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J.K. Place Paris: A gem of luxury in the heart of Paris

Hello beloved!

Whether you are planning special moments with your significant other or just a unique trip, I have the perfect plan. I love boutique hotels for the atmosphere of comfort, niche luxury and always interesting history. As if you are immersed in a conceptual film and only you know the genre.

The idea to visit JK Place Paris belongs to my good friend. This five-star boutique hotel has been featured in Forbes, The Telegraph, AD Magazine and it fully justifies the attention paid. One of the favorite Parisian hotels, combining thoughtful hospitality and a convenient location - close to the main tourist places in Paris, close to the streets where the heart of France beats.

But you won't want to leave JK Place Paris because it has the perfect underground spa, relaxation pool and restaurant menus for an incomparable gastronomic experience. Exceptionally stylish rooms, spacious and bright for spending time together.

The staff welcomes you so warmly, as if you are family and you have been waiting here for such a long time. This feeling of sincere warmth remained with me for a long time. Of course, I took a few photos for memory, but JK Place Paris made me get high on the atmosphere and forget about social networks and put my phone on do not disturb mode.


JK Place Paris

82 Rue de Lille, 75007 Paris, France

Telephone:. +33 1 40 60 40 20




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