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Photo shoot in tulip fields in the Netherlands

Hello beloved!

I dreamed of such a photo shoot for a long time, and when I finally received an offer to do it, I was overjoyed. Endless fields of magnificent tulips. Pink, red, orange, yellow, purple... whatever! And in this location I am another bright flower.

As soon as we arrived at the shoot near Amsterdam, an enchanting scent enveloped me. By the way, this photo shoot required additional agreements with the owner of the fields: this is private property, my friends! However, I also encountered other surprises ...) Because the flowering of tulip fields occurs in a certain and rather short period (the peak is from mid-April to early May) and during this period the weather is quite changeable! When I say changeable, I mean that the sun is shining and the wind is very cold. And the next moment it starts to rain. The air temperature was only +8. Of course, I did not expect this and the images that we shot were quite spring-summer. But thanks to my talented Ukrainian team, I looked and felt like a superstar.

For the photoshoot I chose outfits and accessories from JACQUEMUS and ZIMMERMANN. Have you noticed how effectively every detail works in colorblocks? It's perfect! I am eternally grateful to the online store JULIAN, who provided these looks for filming. So if you like one of my looks, you know where to find it!

make up @twinsmoda


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