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Sasha's party in Raffles Istanbul

Hello beloved!

Some parties are remembered for a long time. I love high life primarily because it is an opportunity to meet interesting people and meet again with those whom you admire. There are so many exceptionally talented people in the world of fashion that I collaborate with, whose events I enjoy attending, who inspire me.

One of these parties took place at Raffles Istanbul. Turkish five star hotel blew me away. It's hard to surprise me with oriental luxury, but Raffles Istanbul has won a place in my heart. Unlike most Turkish hotels, Raffles Istanbul speaks of modern Turkey. The interiors speak of the local culture, but do not overflow with the luxury and grandeur of the Ottoman past. I am delighted with glass, light, soft carpets and stylish furniture. Soft shades coexist with patterns in discreet harmony.

The party room accommodated all my guests and was decorated exactly the way I wanted. The restaurant where we ordered food and drinks offered top notch service. Smiling staff surrounds with exceptional care, sincere, warmth, as if I am the MOST favorite guest. I had an incredible show! Do you think I survived? Of course I sang. It was unforgettable!


Raffles Istanbul

Levazım, Zorlu Center, Koru Sok., 34340 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Türkiye

Phone +90 212 924 02 00



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