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Swiss retreat and perfect SPA detox at Clinique La Prairie

Hello, beloved!

Have you ever felt the lightning speed with which the days rush by? I think it’s important to press “pause” in time, throw a few cozy sets, a couple of cocktail dresses and your favorite swimsuit into your suitcase so that... oh, I have a great idea!

Clinique La Prairie is all about health, self-care and my all-time favorite. One of the rules of my life is to regularly take a short vacation after all the travel and difficult work weeks. These days are purely for pleasure and recovery - detox, getting rid of the effects of stress, unhealthy eating, lack of sleep, the influence of difficult people.

The science and nature of Switzerland, combined with the medical innovations of Clinique La Prairie and a pinch of magic, come together to give you youth and health.

The five-star hotel and health SPA resort Clinique La Prairie offers several programs where the best doctors in the world worry about your metabolism, skin and hair condition, and vitamin saturation. I simply enjoyed the detox cuisine with a delicious healthy menu, meditative views (Lake Geneva, the Alps, green lawns), non-invasive beauty treatments that work wonders on my tired skin. I am taken care of by nutritionists, experienced dermatologists, and doctors who monitor the normal functioning of all areas of the body.

Clinique La Prairie guarantees friendly service with a smile, attentive staff and quiet peace, even when all 39 rooms are occupied. I took these photos for you with love to share the relaxing atmosphere of this beautiful oasis of life.


Clinique La Prairie



Phone: +41 21 989 34 81


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