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Estiatorio Milos in Dubai: A philosophy of simplicity in a city of luxury

Hello beloved!

When people ask me “What is your favorite dish?” I can't answer. I like it so much that in this multicultural country, you can touch different cuisines and tastes. But I know which restaurant I want to return to again and again. Elite Mediterranean restaurant Estiatorio Milos in Dubai.

It is located in the new huge hotel Atlantis The Royal and has an undeniable advantage - Estiatorio Milos is located in a separate building, away from the bustle and close to the beach. But this is not the main thing. Kostas Spiliadis, a celebrity chef who tempts you with Greek cuisine and seafood from the local market, knows how to turn your head. Another delightful bonus is the Skybvlaze Fountain, and in the evening, visitors can enjoy a light and water show. But the serene atmosphere of breakfast on the snow-white terrace should not be underestimated.

At any time of the day, the atmosphere of Estiatorio Milos invites you to enjoy the delicacies from the menu. Kostas Spiliadis sings of Greek hedonism and hospitality. You will never go wrong if you trust the recommendation of the waiter. A favorite among snacks is a tender tower of thin slices of lightly fried zucchini and eggplant with spicy cheese and refreshing tzatziki. You will appreciate seafood, for example, wild oysters, caviar, perfectly cooked lobster ... I really like fresh vegetable salads - I always choose, but here I could not refuse dessert. Greek yogurt ice cream with thyme honey… mmmm!....

Even if you do not live in Dubai and temporarily in this beautiful city, be sure to reserve a table at Estiatorio Milos. A memorable place to come here with friends, business partners or treat yourself to a wonderful evening.


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