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Hello again red carpet at the Venice Film Festival 2023

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Hello, beloved!

My fall started with a red carpet. Luxurious, right? The Venice Film Festival is the oldest and most glamorous of them all. During the event, the most famous figures of the big screen, influencers, artists, models, businessmen, politicians “all the cream of the crop” gather here. Designer dresses of invited celebrities compete with each other in front of camera flashes.

I prepared for the red carpet for several weeks, carefully selecting dresses, jewelry, and accessories. The style of the Venetian event is distinguished by the boldness of the outfits, and my head was spinning from the complexity of the choice.

I received an invitation to several premieres, so I selected three looks for the red carpet and several luxurious outfits for a personal photo shoot.

My first day. I'm looking forward to the premiere of Luc Besson's “Dogman” and I freeze in a vintage-style cocktail dress in front of a dense row of photographers. My team, who you can always rely on, helped to make this look flawless.

On the second day of the Venice Film Festival for the premiere of "The Palace" I wore a long dress with a train and a multi-layered applique bodice. The platinum silk of the outfit shimmered in the light of the spotlights and photo flashes. I felt very majestic. One of my favorite looks. The amazing team that carefully created this glamorous look did a brilliant job.

make up @narsissist

jewelry @robertobravo

My other red carpet appearance was this dramatic black dress with asymmetry in the shoulders @saiidkobeisy and stunning jewelry @robertobravo

And my beauty wizards are responsible for the look.

make up @narsissist


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