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PFW DAILY: A celebration of femininity at SS24 Maison Valentino

Sasha Ray - SS24 Maison Valentino

Hello, beloved!

Another great show was SS24 Maison Valentino. To be and feel like a participant, to see how the trends of the next season are born right before my eyes are one of the most pleasant emotions I have experienced. I am ready to receive invitations for Madam Sasha Ray endlessly, enjoying their design and savoring the feeling of belonging.

Sasha Ray - SS24 Maison Valentino

I chose a long black and white bandeau dress from Valentino for the show. I was preparing for the show of the legendary House with special inspiration. This is Paris, this is style, this is soul, this is charm to the fingertips. And Va-len-ti-no. I Adore.

My makeup, with an emphasis on a deep plum shade of lips, perfectly emphasized the mood. I deliberately avoided jewelry, leaving only small earrings to shimmer in my ears.

Sasha Ray - SS24 Maison Valentino

The show was not complete without performance. Like a child, I am delighted when I see how closely fashion and art are intertwined. And it is not at all clear where one begins and the other ends. In the SS24 Maison Valentino collection, I noticed a lot of airy silhouettes, feminine lace, floral prints, oversized jackets... I already know what the next spring is about and I’m ready to use some trends now. I dream of adding several looks from the runway to my wardrobe.

I’m sharing the photo because storing such beauty without showing it to anyone is simply illegal.

Sasha Ray - SS24 Maison Valentino


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