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PFW DAILY: Balmain fashion show

Hello, beloved!

Like many who were looking forward to the Balmain fashion show, I was excited about this event. Both street style and the Parisian House show require preparation.

Olivier Rousteing is the rock star of Paris week, isn't he? I carefully selected the look, paying attention to the smallest details.

Old Money, my favorites. My character for the show professed this particular religion. A minimalist black dress, a jacket with a houndstooth print (oh yes! We're in Paris), black pumps, a small Vitange-style bag and large jewelry to complete the look. I am so grateful to my team who perfected my style with their professionalism and beauty magic. You can enjoy the photo through the lens of

It was a beautiful day. I felt like I was really at a rock concert. My endorphins were dancing. A delightful show where roses were everywhere as a symbol of the love that is revealed to everyone. On the podium, the maestro announced that this collection is “about love, about Paris, about France and about everyone present”, so it’s a little bit about me. And it's incredible.


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