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Couture Fashion Week in Paris

Updated: Apr 22

Hello, beloved!

One of my favorite French desserts is Couture Fashion Week in Paris. I indulge in champagne, the beautiful and fashion-obsessed people, and the models who seem like living mannequins presenting a new take on couture artistry this season.

Intense days in Paris, changing outfits, rushing and dealing with traffic, strict timing, and such an abundance of incredibly pleasant encounters. It's like injections of fashion and happiness! For me, it felt like I stepped into a magical box where the wonderful creative ideas of the most talented designers came to life.

And as usual, fashion week starts on the streets. Street style looks are a responsible choice because it's a kind of show put on by the guests. I chose basic colors but luxurious outfits that landed me in fashion tabloids, YouTube blogs, and other platforms.

This season, I was thrilled to be among the audience for shows and presentations by Magda Butrym, Rami Al Ali, Malone Souliers, Ziad Nakad, Yara Shoemaker, Rahul Mishra, and many other talented designers. It was an extraordinary pleasure, enjoyable reunions with old friends, and equally pleasant new acquaintances.

So, what did I wear?

One of my most dramatic looks was an architectural voluminous black coat, paired with large earrings, dense black tights, black pumps, and a clutch bag. All from YSL.

An exquisite white Max Mara suit made of the softest cashmere — palazzo pants and a voluminous sweater. I paired it with a golden Chanel bag charm, minimalist YSL earrings, and large round Linda Farrow sunglasses.

One of the most refined looks of the week — a pink dress by Magda Butrym and a tiny vintage-style purse. I felt like I traveled back in time that evening and discovered the aesthetics of vintage Paris at the after-party.

I felt ultra-feminine in a striped jumpsuit by Marella with bold accessories and Celine sunglasses. I captured amazing shots against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, didn't I?

And another look where I wore a long jacket (Say no more Dubai brand) with a secret — an open back. It looks like a work of art. I paired the look with thigh-high boots and a dramatic choker.

One of the most striking looks — total red. It's one of those trends that not everyone can pull off, but I manage to use it successfully. A red mini dress, matching lips, red tights, Le Silla boots, a patent leather coat from Dolce&Gabbana, and a YSL bag. Ferrari red. I gathered all the admiring glances.

And of course, the breathtaking couture black dress from YANINA Couture. The velvet looks especially luxurious. And how about the top? Oh, I know — it's fantastic! The design lines and fabric became the decoration, so I only wore earrings.

Which of the looks did you like the most? Write to me in the comments!


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