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MFW: SS24 fashion shows. How it was

Hello, beloved!

I visit Milan several times every year and love this bustling Italian city for its unique aesthetic. It seems to me that there is a crazy creative energy here, combined with a zest for life. And, of course, fashion.

This season is for the first time at MFW. I always try to keep abreast of current trends and pay a lot of attention to my wardrobe. For the first time, I see with my own eyes how spring trends are born. It's like looking into the future. An amazing opportunity that I didn't miss.

Street style is given no less attention than fashion shows. I’ve carefully prepared for each show, was nervous in traffic jams, was dying from pain in my legs, smiled at the photographers and got great pleasure from the ego of the fashion marathon.

For my appearance at the Fendi show, I chose a suit from…. Fendi and the brand's iconic handbag. The look turned out seductive and stylish thanks to a professional @danilov.viktor_

For the Elisabetta Franchi show, I chose an olive-colored raincoat and lace-up sandals from gianvitorossi.

And philippplein, baby! A dizzying show - and I'm in this dramatic black look from the fashion house.

I also wore a white pantsuit from @gennyofficial and a black midi dress with silver boots from @giuseppezanotti

I leave for you few inspiring photos that convey the moment where fashion ceases to be itself and becomes art. I am in love with this atmosphere and happy to be here.


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